What do you do?

Good question! At Echo Studios, Inc., we don’t easily fit into a box; we offer services for a wide range of individual and corporate needs, so you can think of us as Project Facilitators. Our services run the gamut from design to print and everything in between. Whether the project is a business card design or a 50,000-piece mailing campaign that needs to hit mailboxes within three weeks - We know exactly how to get the results that create an impact.

What can you design?

Echo Studios, Inc. has designed thousands of business cards and hundreds of websites. We know and understand what it takes to create camera-ready artwork for printing and how to develop the assets used for online tools. We have the equipment, skill, and experienced to tackle just about every project, so there is no limit to what we can do for you.

Do you design websites?

Yes! Even though these projects are challenging, we can create designs for websites based on branding guidelines and client desires. We focus on the end goal for each website to make sure it functions properly and efficiently. By teaming up with some of the leaders in the industry, we can deliver beautiful, functional, and highly optimized websites to meet modern standards and expectations.

What is the difference between print and digital design?

We create each design in the correct file format and use the proper programs to make sure that it matches your specifications once completed.

Creating vectored artwork for a logo and developing web assets in raster format is just the tip of the iceberg. We know that large format printing projects must be at a certain DPI (dots per square inch) for clarity and sharpness. We also know which file formats load the quickest online. Echo Studios, Inc. makes sure your designs are created efficiently so that production and development can begin and end, maintaining our high standards for quality.

What can you print?

Echo Studios, Inc. offers comprehensive printing services for individual and business needs. Our team can print anything from paper products to large format metal signs: giant vinyl stickers or even custom event apparel. Printed materials are still a powerful tool for conveying information or promoting a business, and our job is to make your ideas come to life.

Can you make pens?

Remember when we said we could offer a service for just about every need? We weren’t kidding! Echo Studios, Inc. provides pen products as part of our wide range of services. However, there are countless models and styles, and choosing which one is best for you might be a little tricky. That is why we will work with you to find the perfect pen for your brand and need.

What kind of promotional items can you produce?

Echo Studios, Inc. prides itself on being able to produce nearly any type of promotional product. You just tell us how you would like to go about your branding, and we will make it happen. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for coasters or if you imagine your company’s logo on an exterior wireless speaker, our team with finding the right option for you. Over our many years of experience, we’ve been able to work with companies of all industries and produced some rather exciting items, so never hesitate to ask!

I’m located outside of Florida, can you still help me?

Absolutely! Echo Studios, Inc. extends its services across state lines and offers the same quality products to businesses and individuals all over the country. Our team has teamed up with partnered vendors and provides shipping to all 50 states, and even offers international shipping. Just get in touch with our office and speak to a representative to learn about our shipping options!

Are your products produced in the United States of America?

Echo Studios, Inc. is an American company, and we proudly produce all paper products within the United States of America. We use domestic vendors and ship with USPS and UPS to reach every corner of the country and give our clients what they need, when they need it, no matter where they are!

Can you make…?

Yes! At Echo Studios, Inc., we pride ourselves on having an answer to every question and a solution to every challenge. We’ve made it our goal to expand our capabilities to provide products for every need. Even if we do not provide the exact service you are looking for, we have a vast network of associated providers that might be able to help, so we encourage you to call because if we can’t help, we will find someone who can.

Can you help with EDDM?

Echo Studios, Inc. has been delivering our quality products to clients all over the country for years now. We have done so many EDDM runs that we’ve gotten it down to a science. We’ve developed a system that allows EDDM postcards to be sent out for the lowest cost possible. With us, you’ll get exceptional designs, prints and get your EDDM out on the routes that you want with a team you can trust.

Do you print and mail?

Yes, we’ve worked with companies from many industries to develop, produce, and distribute several forms of mailing campaigns. Whether you need envelopes and letterheads or self-mailing tri-fold brochures, we are equipped to handle the demands of your business. We have the experience and equipment to complete any type of mailing; just get in touch to learn more!

Can you create die-lines for packaging?

We’ve teamed up with some of the best packaging companies to streamline the die-line process. Regardless of your packaging needs, we can create the proper die-lines, so your packaging not only looks good but functions correctly too. Packaging is also part of your brand, so don’t neglect it – trust it to the experts at Echo Studios, Inc.

What kind of 3D work do you do?

In this rapidly advancing world, the visual medium is more important than ever before, and we are right at the forefront. Echo Studios, Inc. can process renders and animations to show concepts of floor plans and product development. Our 3D rendering services are an excellent way to enhance a presentation or create a unique, forward-facing campaign.

Do you do 3D printing?

Yes! Echo Studios, Inc. is always looking to add more capabilities to satisfy the needs of all our clients in one convenient location. We can produce the 3D model you desire and then export them for print production. Our team can also provide finishing and detailing options for 3D models.

Can you print shirts?

Echo Studios, Inc. has produced hundreds, if not thousands, of t-shirts, polos, hats, and shorts for various events and companies. We can screen print and embroider on almost any article of clothing. Certain materials cannot be screen printed on or have heat press done. For example, viscose fabric is one of these materials (other materials may also be a challenge - embroidery would be the only method available).

What do you mean by fabrication?

Echo Studios, Inc. specializes in printing, but we have partnered and made connections with several companies across many industries over the years. We’re able to use our creativity and relationships to produce unique marketing materials for a wide range of uses. Chances are, we have exactly what you are looking for, and if we don’t, we know the right person to call.

What Can a Custom Design Do for
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The ultimate goal is to get people to stop in their tracks and pay attention to you! Effective, custom design for your business can drive more eyes to your content and website and encourage people to purchase the goods and services you’re offering. If you want to learn more about our custom design services, contact us today!

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